Quality & Safety
quality and safety

Quality & Safety

Quality and Safety are the two key attributes that have contributed to the overall growth and success of Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co.KG. Since 1904, these attributes have allowed Hettich to continue to develop and manufacture laboratory instrumentation for more than 100 years, inherently becoming one of the top 3 clinical and research centrifuge manufacturers in the world.

Our laboratory instruments and accessories are developed in collaboration with users from the fields of medicine, chemistry, industry and research. Hettich also maintains a working applications lab that allows us to develop products that work accurately in your lab. In addition, all manufacturing is done in-house, giving us another advantage in the
oversight of quality.

Utilizing the most current technology, Hettich manufactures its products to meet the latest in industry quality standards. Hettich complies with all the relevant EU standards currently in use. All manufacturing stages, from design to end-product development, are subjected to strict quality controls. Evidence is provided by national and international test marks such as IEC 61010 or the CE conformity. The ISO 9001:2000 certificate accredited to the entire company emphasizes the responsibility Hettich puts into the manufacturing of its products and accessories. Hettich centrifuges conform to IvD standards (In-vitro Diagnostics), i.e. they comply with the European IvD guideline’s requirements (98/79/EC) and guarantee a standardized level of quality and safety.

American and Canadian users can also feel confident as the TÜV standard is accepted as a certified domestic accreditation. Hettich’s “cTÜVus” certification is a special North American version of the TÜV mark, recognized by Canadian (SCC) and US (OSHA) authorities as equivalent to UL and CSA.

All Hettich products go through rigorous in-house testing including crash tests. Product quality tests are supervised by the major governing bodies (i.e. TUV) to ensure the highest level of safety in manufacturing. The metal components that make up our products go through a variety of stress tests and are studied to determine risk and product lifecycle.

To ensure precision in manufacturing Hettich utilizes laser technology for welding and cutting. This provides us with a reproducibility standard that is accurate down
to the last part.

Hettich is also registered with the U.S. governing body of the FDA to ensure user safety.

Hettich continues in the effort for consistent product quality and safety by individually testing every unit before it leaves our manufacturing facility. Our “5-point quality inspection” ensures all units are delivered safely and accurately. The “5-point quality inspection” consists of an order qualification, a visual inspection, a functionality test, a parts & accessory check and a packaging check.

Our on-site service and support teams are available to assist if you have any trouble. You can reach us by phone at 1-866-370-4388 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .