Automation Overview

Hettich Automation

Hettich’s role in automation began with the introduction of the first automated centrifuge in the 1990’s. Since then, Hettich has established itself as the leading OEM for automated centrifugation systems.

The Hettich automated centrifuge has become the leading centrifugation component in many of today’s pre-analytical automation systems. The HETTICH ROTANTA 460 RSC ROBOTIC is a refrigerated centrifuge with PC control and accurate rotor positioning. Designed for simple integration in laboratory automation systems, the unit exemplifies the robust quality and reliability of a Hettich product. Our engineers developed a platform that accepts a wide variety of accessories as well as the ability to provide custom adapters to fit any robotic arm. A sliding lid-hatch is located in either the front or the rear of the instrument.

Hettich’s vast reach and knowledge in the field of automation lead to the development and success of the Hettich Vortex Vacuum Concentrator (HVC). The only Vortex Vacuum Concentrator on the market today designed for the analytical automation, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical markets. The HVC not only integrates flawlessly into automated systems it can also be used as a stand-alone unit. The HVC dramatically reduces traditional centrifugal sample concentration times by nearly 50% and offers a flexible rack system that can accommodate multiple tube sizes in a single run.

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